Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday, ahhhh

I LOVE Saturday. Laying in my pajamas, listening to music, drinking coffee, reading the paper, just plain lounging.

I wasn't always so great at the lounging part, I used to think that if you didn't leave the house by 10am it meant that you were lazy, boring etc. I have learned better. These days, I am one of those, if I don't have any plans, people who lounge for hours. Although I still get up at the butt crack of dawn, I've become a much better lounger.

Anyways, while lounging this am, I thought three things:

1. The sushi I ate last night (I have a serious addiction) -- it was too late when I got home at 9 to make a tostada!
2. I am bringing the KitchenAid to the new apartment tomorrow :)
3. That I love lists...but, you probably already figured that out

Be back later when I've decide what dinner will be tonight! Woohoo, Paul (brother) and Averi (sister in law - I hate the "in law" part but I guess it would be weird if my brother and sister went on a for thought) get back from their honeymoon tonight! Yay, I've missed them in the last two weeks!


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