Thursday, August 21, 2008

Numero Uno


I never thought I would do thing. First of all, I just don't think I am a very skilled writer and second, what the heck was I ever going to blog about. But, after an epiphany of sorts I decided that I really ought to give it a try. For heaven's sake, no one has to know about it if I hate it! Or maybe one day it will just be a big joke, like hey... 'remember that time Sarah wrote a blog? What happened to it?'

But, in all reality, I have always wanted to share a piece of me with as many (or as little) people as wanted to be a part. I think this is a good start. 

I also, and my closest friends and family can attest, have always wanted to spend my days cooking, cleaning, reading, and helping other people, making their world a little bit better.  In a dream world, this is how my day would go...

1. Wake up (early) and go to the gym, hot yoga, some form of strenuous exercise
2. Come home, have a GIANT cup of coffee and read the paper for a few hours
3. Think...ideas, advice, the to do list
4. Write...
5. Go to the Farmer's Market (I wish they were year around!)
5. Cook, Bake...
6. Share a meal with the people I love
7. Go to bed and do it all over again (well, with some variation :), I am not THAT boring)...

So anyways, in an effort to live in my perfect world, in an attempt to live as many days as possible doing the things I love most with the people I love most, I have started this blog. To chronicle my watch the story of my life unfold and to have a place to store it. 

Be back soon xoxo


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